Dude you don't know who you're talking to.
I'm bigger than you guys and am worth more than you think.
my super rich dad gave me permission to do as I would like
That's what happens when you get big and mean like you're dripping in hate
And your country and your politics are a full circle.

an ammosexual relationship
The white supremacist organisations
accelerate certain nefarious forces
to oppose evil, serve your nation, stand your ground

The symptoms will get worse, the infection will progress, and we
maggots on the web
with this frenzied adrenaline
But again, the question which makes you feel that rage
is the self-centered cultural travesty of the American Revolution
Thanks to Karl Marx for being plagued by paranoia about wage
What is wrong with people throwing stones
the way their own backbones are on the verge of collapsing

Now I get paid to troll
I love it. It's something very close to the feeling of totalitarianism.
I get pleasure from this. Go suck some sh*t.

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