I am looking around the internet looking for a peephole
something isn't right or wrong, what does that mean?

Go down to Yahoo Answers, you will find
It's advised against closed mindedness.

The earth is flat.
There are no mountains.
There are no natural formations.
There is nothing to see.
This is true no matter what people say.
you can't judge the climate
by what was there yesterday

I combed the internet and saw what people did.
Absurd as that is,
Nobody is above

teetering on the edge of the abyss
to find quicksand
It makes no real difference what you believe in.

Source: text scraped from 4,778 Yahoo! Answers questions and answers (9.1 MB)

Method: GPT-2 text generation, 900 samples 100-200 length temperature 0.8-1.3, cut up