Advancing your Inner Friendship

If you enjoy exploring yourself
rather than waiting for inspiration.

Plan an energy ritual within your daily routine
mental cardio
Know when and how to approach your synapses

take a deep, sinuous
breath and concentrate a portion of the power
into the front of your forehead.

Attach the tip of your brow to this momentum
Stay with your senses

Expressions or Feelings;
disembodied, suppressed spiritual energy;
stress, dread, pleasure,

Slowly slide your hand down the fascia

Imagine that a little fabric inside any organ might decode
whether you feel some sad feelings or desire.

Imagine your experience braided in a
curtain of dense hydrocarbon

Please don't be afraid of the power you are adapting to your
specialty. The power is low and very accessible.

When we are actually able to fully experience this power
naturally and lovingly,
in a deeper and enriched way,
we can fully renew and grow this passion.

It is there, lurking in your soul
through our body, outside of our thoughts.
We are to look beyond to rescue Love
from asphyxiating isolation.

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