"I don't sleep," I said. "I just sit and think."
I thought of God as a party, a lot.

The games, the rituals, the lessons,
the stories, the songs— God played God.

Enlightened (with cups of coffee)
As I counted backwards from the dawn

rough meth heads clattered soundlessly
on the whites of their bared metal teeth

synthetic adrenaline, a certain ennui
continuous in-step with the pounding beat

ending up in a black hole
This hour of revelation became cold

I came out into the sunlight.
I sat down near the fire casting a cold eye

over the smoke and shadows.
tired, disillusioned, relieved.

Source: several short and long texts by Ursula K. LeGuin (1.4 MB)

Method: GPT-2 text generation, 125 samples 500 length temperature 0.5-1.5, cut up