we have to wear masks

but no one could stop it.

oxygen consumption monitors, kill switches, and codes

Like cancer cells too small to heal on their own,
they have the ability to grow
into other things. Governments,
he thought, risk becoming monstrosities

You read about vulnerable people—scarred, weary, needy people whose
only economic stake
is in knowing Your oppressor co-petrifies
as a nepenthe tide tears a
community asunder
and yields privileged voters siphoned off to ruin one another.

Anyone facing financial ruin this week will also notice
unscrupulous profiteers lurking just around the corner.

idiot in a suit, you better
watch what you say.

I don’t give a

didn’t help
any of the isolated

once they
to business as usual, search and destroy.

Some people have no other choice
but to starve at the hands of the unorganized

Lists of ruined young people scream at you

We are here because our Parents died hoping for miracles.

Source: several short and long texts by Octavia Butler (1.2 MB)

Method: GPT-2 text generation, 165 samples 250 length temperature 1.0-1.3, cut up