Do you weary of romance?

Do you value other people's pain?

Sex or Love? Indulge or indulge?

Instant gratification or paying in full?

Have you ever been slapped hard on the face?

Have you ever received any form of negative reinforcement?

Would you rather be greedy or cruel?

Would you prefer to be abducted or broken?

Have you ever made a sex toy look like a weapon?

Would you date someone who does not want any cigarettes burned in their food?

When was the last time you returned to your dorm room dripping with spit and urine?

Would you plunge the blade of your own scissors into a human heart without provocation?

Can you remember any of the reasons why you became involved in this relationship?

Is there a gulf between the lines between metaphor and consequence?

Acid rain or wine?

When did you last cry?

Source material: 6,987 questions for love relationship compatibility scraped from various sources including the OKCupid open data set, the 36 questions, and many many garbage listicles.

Method: GPT-2 text generation, 100 samples 250 length temperature 1.3-2.0,  cut up