the assembly-line production of toxic waste
smoothies of techno-economic processes
the blind spots of a lost century

the bedrock of pessimism
people are rendered faceless
cooking their own blood

a thousand dark icy lanterns
arranged in rays of unparalleled power
already beating to a grinding music

there is an underlying contempt for reason that grows
other creatures go extinct in vain
traces of reflection on the green hillsides
a high cytoplasmic plateau

if you are a sentient cloud
or maybe you are a space tourist
who has just left home

perhaps it will become wiser to live in tropical fantasyland,
this less vibrating, late-life-equilibrium
or perhaps to live in a world
where members of our own species did not exist at all

Source material: 4 MB of text scraped from on AI ethics, transhumanism, the simulation hypothesis, and the Doomsday Argument.

Method: GPT-2 text generation, 25 samples 500 length temperature 1.0, cut up