previous mistakes
magnanimities passed on
from one generation to the next
a "cosmological scoreboard"
progenitor phases

greed is continuously resized
self-interestedness could be an appropriate emotion in some cases.
perhaps there will never be enough information in the universe
to allow humans to truly understand the concept of agency.

something profound about the limits of human belief
an omnipotent ruling body doing a million different things a day

death is an easy escapism
oblivion has six bright areas
salvation ratio delta
vibrant sea, high albedo

the implementation of a panacea does liberate intelligence
shadows avoided, bigger ocean for the waves

"Shut up and take your shoes off!"
"Let us accept the game of life"

Source material: 4 MB of text scraped from on AI ethics, transhumanism, the simulation hypothesis, and the Doomsday Argument.

Method: GPT-2 text generation, 50 samples 500 length temperature 1.0, cut up